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Any particular one will be as spotless as it was 40years rear if this type of still left Schaffhausen. Talk about looking like a vintage watch – this is everything collectors look for in old-school Cartier.

The Midnight collection from HW is the most classical and refined of all HW men's watches, and today we say what will be the most technical and watchy model of the line, and a piece that serious watch guys are going to love. According to Ball Watches, the gadget will go on sale in December and will be available at a recommended street price of 00: not very expensive for a Ball watch replica in a rose gold body. But before we describe the movement in detail – what is the flyback function, and what was its purpose? I'm sure it's out there somewhere, but it's hard to think of a single wristwatch model from any company that excites as much of a sense of ownership, from owners and non-owners alike, as the Mark series from IWC.